Zombie Girl Excerpt & SALE

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I am trying to let it all sink in, but it’s a lot of information to process. What I got out of the whole story was that there was no cure, at least not yet. My body had become infected by a virus that kills you, and then forces you to kill others.

I was officially a monster. Human no longer. This was hardest to take.

Not human. The two words swam around in my mind making me lightheaded.

I hold my hand over my heart. No heartbeat? Never again?

“Will someone please check my pulse; I just need to know…” my hands were too busy shaking to check for themselves.

Cam walks over to me, his eyes bleak. I cross my fingers as Cam presses on my wrist. He waits thirty seconds and then decides to press his fingers to my throat instead. He waits another thirty seconds and then removes his hands slowly shaking his head.

Dr. August and Alex look on with wide eyes, I can smell the fear on them, and the scent is delicious. What Dr. August had said was true, my heart had stopped, and I ceased to live.

I am a living dead girl.

I get up from my chair unsteadily, “Dr. August I think I’ve had all the information I can stand for today.”