Zombie Awareness Month

It’s no secret that I’m a zombie enthusiast. I’ve been watching zombie movies ever since I stumbled upon the horror section at Blockbuster Video as a kid (okay now I’ve dated myself with that reference). It is the dawn of Netflix now and Blockbuster is long gone, but my love for zombies remains.


Why do I love and write about these weird mindless creatures? Maybe it’s because I see a lot of truth in them. The way we mumble about aimlessly while staring at our phones while we’re in the SAME room with other human beings simply dumbfounds me…if that doesn’t look at all zombie-esque to you, then perhaps you need to look a little closer. Zombies are US dudes! It’s social commentary on how much we’ve distanced ourselves from our humanity in order to make space for technology in our lives, or in most cases Social Media. Hey I’m not judging…I’m just as plugged in as the next person…but it can be laughable at times…Like the way people snap a million photos on their phone when they travel, but how many times to they actually use the naked eye to absorb the moment, you know? We’re experiencing life second-hand these days because technology has made it easy to do so. A second life, but not necessarily a better one.

Zombies are incredibly funny as well as philosophical, the whole Zom-Com (Zombie Comedy) is probably one of my favourite genres. They’re silly, follow a classic horror movie formula, and they’re versatile. Zombies come in many forms these days, it’s come a long way from voodoo, now we have whole government conspiracy zombies. When I wrote Zombie Girl I knew it would be different, it’s a blend of the zombie genres, which is fun for all the zombie experts out there ๐Ÿ˜‰ So what did I choose? Something contagious? Something injected? Something Magical? Something sinister? Something from space? Well you’ll just have to read to find out won’t you ๐Ÿ˜‰


In honour of this very zombie month of May…I have for your reading pleasures a zombie poem from yours truly, because the Poetic Zombie does poem from time to time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hunger Pains

Lust for Brains

Give me more, lest I starve.

You shall not win this battle of wits.

My brain has one desire,

Which you cease to exist.

My focus is famished,

my body is stale.

Donโ€™t pity me or you will fail.

My life is lost.

Iโ€™m but a shadow.

A cursed one.

A human with blood ridden sorrow.

I moan self-loathing

I chomp at the day.

Donโ€™t be a hero,

Stay away.