Tis The Season to be Pinning!

Forget ugly Christmas sweaters! Pinning is all the rage! If you’re child of the 90s like myself, you probably already have a bit of an addiction to wicked cool pins that started in your childhood. I’m sure you remember those cute button pins that you would attach to your backpack or jacket, well I’m pleased to tell you that those still exist and PINNING has gone on to a whole other level of AWESOME! Today I offer up some of my favourite pinners for your consideration, especially since they speak to my inner geek and these pins make great holiday gifts for your equally as pals! So check em out…

Lantern Pins

Jackie Rindlisbach of Lantern Pins has me all shook with her Star Wars themed pins! I have one but I want MORE! She has many Disney themed pins that are adorable and she also has some cute little pumpkins for my fellow Halloween fans (I have one of those too!). If you a Star Wars fan then I suggest you get to buying up one of her lightsaber heart pins, they come in a variety of colours with rather appropriate names and there is even a special glitter one for the holidays! YAY! Check out her shop: Lantern Pins

Two Ghouls Press

High school buddies Daniel Watkins and Elise Brunkel started up Two Ghouls Press as a way to share their collaborations with the world. These guys are high up on my wish list this season! I want to buy everything these guys make because they speak to my inner horror geek. They have a super cute IT pin that features that notorious red balloon, they have a pie pin with a skull whipped topping that feels festive enough for Dean Winchester, and what says Christmas like a Stranger Things themed pins with some holiday lights! Ha! They also have candles, patches, magnets and more! Check out their store: Two Ghouls Press


Busy mom Yolanda Fernandes Ly seriously does it all! She’s a painter who does larger pieces and smaller pieces that work very well as cards, she even does personalized superheroes for your little ones! The cutest thing in the world are her little superhero pins, I wear my Wonder Woman one often and I get so many compliments, cuz it’s adorbz! She has a lot of selection, but items do sell out quickly, so don’t dilly dally, check her out: YFL Art


If you really want a dose of nostalgia, you need to hit up Hopesick! The owner is clearly a 90s kid who can appreciate Halloween and that just has my name all over it now, doesn’t it? The pins can be a bit obscure, which is something I love about them. If you never ordered a McDonalds Happy Meal in the 90s then you might not know some of the cute characters and toys Hopesick has brought back in pin form! Hopesick also has pins of The Simpsons, Beetlejuice, Nickelodeon cartoons and so much more! I guess you can call these retro faves, but that just makes me feel old lol. Check em out: Hopesick

Strange Ways

Owner Alex Dakoulas has lots of experience designing products for Converse and Puma, but now he runs his own brand and there’s some awesome original stuff as well as some throwbacks that will leave you thirsty for more! His pins range from bizarre, to beautiful, to hilarious! I really love the gold star that says “you tried” and the “too blessed to be stressed tombstone” which is an epic memento mori that I can’t resist! Check them out here: Strange Ways

Jen Bartel

Jen Bartel is an amazing illustrator and comic artist, who just so happens to make some epic pins too! I love her colourful works of art, I can best describe her work as vibrant and sassy! There’s also a lot of girl power that flows through her art, and what girl doesn’t want that?! I am in love with these! Be sure to check out all of Jen Bartel’s work, you’re sure to be mesmerized: Jen Bartel

Creepy Co.

Another spooky pin creator, are you even surprised? You know I love my scary movies and Creepy Co. provides the cute pins I need! Based out of Chicago, Kellie and her crew create all things monsteriffic! They have a homage pin to Vincent Price, who’s voice I often hear in my head while writing, they have lots of Goosebumps stuff which speaks to my inner kid who loved those books, AND they have glow in the dark stuff! One of my fave pins is a mashup of my favourite muppet with one of Guillermo del Toro’s monsters. Genius! Check out more here:  Creepy Co.