Tales of a Mombie Writer

From time to time writers write about what is real. Today is one of those days, as sleep deprived as I am, the creative bug never dies. I still need to write, its part of my “me” time, a term all mothers know too well. This article is for all the creative momma’s out there who write, draw, paint, craft, whatever your calling, I’m sure you feel some of what I’m saying, and know you are not alone!

wide awake

Mombie life Begins…

I thought pregnancy was rough and that I would never have time to write again! Being pregnant with my son I never slept, the word insomnia became part of my vocabulary, but I got through it with Charlaine Harris. I actually wrote her a nice long letter thanking her and Sookie Stackhouse for getting me through the sleepless nights. She was very gracious and kind and I’ll never forget it! Her work kept me sane and it kept me inspired! Somehow I managed to finish two books during that pregnancy!

My next pregnancy was quite the opposite; I was tired all the time. Couldn’t keep awake…damn hormones! So with a contract for two more books, I had to move my arse even when I was falling asleep at the screen, but determination is a hard thing to kill and I did it!

When does a Mombie even have time to write? help2

During nap time mom furiously taps the keys of her laptop, how else? Sometimes the naps are a blessed couple of hours and the writing really flows. Other times I just get into the groove and they’re up! Now that’s on maternity leave once I’ve finished all my chores, yes, chores, because a household can’t live on milk and toast alone! Mombie must grocery shop, and cook, and tidy up the mountain of toys that lay scattered around the house, and make sure the kids are as clean as said house, and entertain the adorable babies (this is definitely the best part!), and do endless laundry (this is definitely the worst part grrrr…)

When I’m not on maternity leave, this proved to be more difficult. It’s all that plus a full-time job! Yikes! So when does Mombie write? Or even promote the books she has out? Or find reviewers? Well you guessed it…at night, when she should be sleeping…or during kiddo’s nap times on weekends. It never feels like enough time, but whatever time I get with the page is everything! It’s my release from the world around me; I can decompress and just hide in another world.

I should be sleeping…but I’d rather be writing…there’s the rub…a Mombie can’t unmombie herself! It’s for life!

Ah well…it’s a good life…dark circles and all (cough cough, there’s always make-up for that)

Cheers to all the Mombies out there!