Suicide Squad Review

I know Suicide Squad got a lot of flak and negative feedback straight from the get-go, but now having seen it myself, I’m not sure it deserved the kind of hate it got. Right of the bat (Harley Quinn reference intended) the film does what it intended to do, establish characters that are lovable, funny, and wacky, they give us their basic storylines so we know where their villainy began, and they give us a butt TON of action, which is to be expected with any DC or Marvel film.


Soooo…what were critics expecting other than a fun movie? It did that…I had fun 🙂

Some reviews I’ve read have said that the film is all over the place and hard to follow…I didn’t find that…actually, I found it easier to follow than Batman V. Superman. The one thing I noticed was that there was a mad rush to fit everything into the movie, there are so many characters and storylines going on and they worked their butts off to squeeze everything into two hours! Two bloody hours! Now that’s hard!

I feel some people were expecting cinematic art and really crapped allover David Ayer like he didn’t achieve that. He really does have a signature filming style, watch Fury and Suicide Squad back to back and you’ll see that. One thing I absolutely loved that he did was give the characters their own unique sound through music, he chooses music that defines their quirky personalities, or to conjure a feeling…this is straight homage to European cinema…they do it all the time, it’s like a scene or reflective moment has a theme song, and it’s brilliant! I just watched Youth earlier this week starring Michael Caine and the Italian film does the exact same thing! But I’m going to assure you it gets some Oscar nods while Suicide Squad is just a box office cash grab? Right? Look a little closer guys, art is happening all around this film while you are obsessing over how they connected the dots or if the actors really, truly, embodied the characters enough.

I think this is what’s hard about fandom, we expect a lot because we all have a different vision from what we get…but that doesn’t make it a bad film, and this is a Marvel fan saying that! 😉

Sure, there are some things I would have changed, which I will outline below, but there are also a lot of things I LOVED!


Let’s start with what I would CHANGE:

*Cara Delevinge does nothing.

Not her fault, crunch for time, but Dr. Moone really didn’t fight Enchantress all that hard, I wanted her to be a stronger character. It felt like Dr. Moone was never really there at all, fight girl! It’s your body! As for Enchantress she was superbly creepy until she starts dancing? Did anyone else notice the weird dance she’s doing while conjuring her “destroy the world” spell? It felt meme worthy and a lot like Sam Raimi called David Ayer up and said, “you know what says crazy? That frickin’ dance I had Toby do in Spider-Man 3.” Cringe-worthy…and I love Raimi, and I LOVE Spiderman…but there is such a thing as too much cheese. Also, for the most powerful being in the film, it sure seemed too easy to control and defeat her.

*Where’s Slipknot?

Being a huge Adam Booth fan, and the fact that he’s on the film’s poster, I expected to see more of him! What the heck? It felt like he was only there to be killed off as a lesson to the other members of the Squad! So mad about that! He didn’t get nearly enough attention for someone ON THE POSTER! COME ON! (Deep breaths, deep breaths)

*Characters not given time to shine.

With the mad rush to get the storyline in, I feel like most of the Squad was really secondary to Quinn and Deadshot. They got all the best lines and screen time, the others…well…a tad forgettable. I think if they had more time, it would have built the Squad dynamic more.



Small roles are still important, especially when fandoms collide. Did you catch David Harbour from Stranger Things, or Jim Parrack from True Blood (not gonna lie, I yelled Hoyt at the screen lol), and the amazing Ike Barinholtz the Mad Tv/Mindy comedic genius (only he would be crazy enough to flirt with Harley Quinn ha!). Honorable mention to Common, who didn’t make it long, but I love him anyway.

*Will Smith.

This film felt a little like the Will Smith/Deadshot show, but how can it be helped? Will Smith just seems to shine. He’s the unintentional leader of the pack and I didn’t mind a second of it. I really enjoy Will Smith as a sort of anti-hero, he does it so well for a man with the sweetest smile. Now that’s some fine acting…and shooting…thanks for not shooting Harley by the way. Not that I think you’d shoot your boo from Focus 😉 Will and Margot have an amazing chemistry, would love to see them kick some more butt side by side in lots of films!

*Crazy Love.

Margot and Jared nailed their roles. I truly bought into their twisted love story. Since watching Harley and The Joker in cartoons as a kid, I was hoping to see that kind of devotion to each other in the film. The scene where Harley jumps into the vat of toxic waste for him and he jumps right after her, sigh, it’s what solidified it. Adorably insane am I right? I really wanted more of them in the film, loved their characters so much!

j and h

All in all I would still give this movie a 3.5 almost 4 stars out of 5. It was a lot of fun, I did laugh, the costumes were awesome, the action was amazing, and it did leave me wanting more from some of the characters. Eh hem….old Costume, new costume…Harley is Bae…that is all!