River, More Than Meets The Eye

Finally! I get to do a post about River! I’ve been so busy with book stuff lately that I haven’t had the chance to tell you about this amazing show on Netflix. I thought I would squeeze it in today since I have book 1 & 2 of my Zombie Girl Saga re-releasing September 13!! Very Very soon and I’m so excited and planning ways to celebrate the release with you all 🙂


River is a cop drama, now I know I know at first glance you’re like…well there’s too many of those out there, why spend time on another crime-drama centred show? Well this one has a catch, John River sees DEAD PEOPLE! (and no not like in Sixth Sense) He’s haunted by murder victims of the cases he must solve. In this very first season the ghost is none other than his partner, murdered right in front of him, execution-style. Now like any good detective, he wants to find out who murdered his co-worker, but he soon finds out that she was more than that to him, in fact he had never told her that he loved her.

With revenge on his mind and much regret, it’s no wonder that Detective River seems crazy. He is soon sent for psychiatric evaluation when other co-workers begin to notice him talking to himself a lot more or arguing with thin air. What they don’t know is that River has a hand full of ghosts that follow him around, some are helpful, some taunt him, and some depress him, mainly his partner Stevie.

Refusing to give up on solving the mystery of her murder, he pieces the puzzle together under his boss’s nose. What he soon finds out is that the woman he had known for so many years, trusted, and even loved, may not have been exactly who she said she was. In fact, Stevie had many dark secrets that River must uncover before he can get to the root of her murder.

What River finds is more tragic than anyone could have imagined, I know I didn’t see it coming and I won’t reveal who did it, I’ll let you watch it and see the insanity unfold. You begin to wonder how someone as “crazy” as River is able to keep his composure when he finds out that the killer had been close to him the entire time.

Enough about plot for a second. This show is indeed dark in content, and yes there’s violence too, but somehow it manages to keep humour woven throughout. I’m not sure if that’s credit to the writers, or Stellan Skarsgard, who is always amazing, or simply just adding ghosts to lighten the mood here and there. Perhaps it’s all those things that make this show truly brilliant. This show is a blatant metaphor for life…if you don’t spend it laughing…you’ll most likely spend it crying. Proof in the Puddin’ folks.


There is no word on a second season yet, but this would be a show I’d never tire from watching.

I WANT MORE NETFLIX! YOU HEAR ME? I WANT MORE! (Shakie fist in the air)