New Indie Films to Prep you for Halloween

It’s that time of year again…and no I’m not talking about PSL’s, although I love those! What I’m talking about is Fall and with that comes Halloween, my favourite holiday of the year. One thing I look forward to every year in anticipation for Halloween is the movie marathon. There are so many frightfully fun films competing for your attention, and I try to watch as many as I can. The best way for me to find out what’s hot in horror is to check out Toronto After Dark’s Film Festival (I secretly wish they’d make me their mascot so I can live there for the entire festival, it’s just so great!)

This week they announced the first 10 films they will showcase and they are nothing short of AMAZING!

The one that tops my list of must sees is called The ReZort. They describe it as The Walking Dead meets Jurassic Park. Is there really anything else I need to be sold on here? I think they had my money at hello! Anyone who’s seen Jurassic Park knows that when you try to cage something extremely dangerous it doesn’t usually pan out well. I love zombies, but not even I would be insane enough to go to a resort where you hunt them lol. The sheer insanity of this plot is also it’s brilliance. Can’t wait!


I’m also super excited to check out Antibirth, starring Natasha Lyonne of OITNB. She’s badass and she always brings humour to even the darkest of situations. In this film she’s taking on a mysterious pregnancy (looks uncomfortable to say the least, yikes!) The film also stars Chloe Sevigny, who does a lot of indie and was also in AHS Hotel. With these two in the film, you know it’s going to be artistic, a little bit surreal, and a whole lot of awkward laughs. This is sure to be one of my new faves, just look at the artsy poster…it’s freekin’ glorious!!!!!!


There are plenty more films to check out here:

And if you happen to be in Toronto, the festival runs from October 13-21st! I’ll be sure to stop in because it’s one of my favourite Toronto events of the year! Woo! And if you’re looking for more Halloween action, be sure to stop by my Pre-Halloween party on October 16, all online: