Nail Queen of 2018

I have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish and all who know me personally, know that I own too darn much of it! So, I thought, maybe I should do a post about it and put my obsession to some good use. Since becoming a mombie, I haven’t exactly had a lot of time to do the elaborate nail designs I used to, I used to have characters on my nails, funky designs on every finger, I changed my polish every 3 days!!! Welp, I no longer have that time so I began to hit up Pinterest for some ideas that were simple enough to pull off in a pinch, and you know what MINIMALIST NAILS ARE SO HOT RIGHT NOW! So I thought I would share my TOP 4 findings so that we’re all living in 2020 while others are still rocking those 2017 nail trends.


The new year is all shiny and bright and full of hope, so why wouldn’t that apply to your nails? Barely there hues with lots of shine are here to stay, they just capture the light so beautifully and don’t need a lot of coats to look great. Just take OPI’s Significant Other Color for example, it’s a perfect pearly purple hue and you can wear one coat if you like subtle or seven if you want bold color. Katherine at Procrastinails has the best solution for an easy yet glam mani, take SOC by OPI and add tiny pink gems…ooooh!!! So shiny!


Walk a straight line on a catwalk? Nope! I’ll surely fail and fall flat on my face, but the runways are full of this fun mani trend that I’ve been very successful at achieving. YAY! SUCCESS! The nail pens that are out now from various companies allow you to add a bit of intrigue to your many in a single swipe! So easy and yet so dramatic! I love it! I’ve tried these two styles below that I found on Pinterest and got so many compliments. I’ll document it next time, they really did come out amazing and it took me all of 5 minutes!



Thank goodness for falsies of every kind! If you have an event, fake lashes and nails will really step up your game in an instant. Now the problem with temporary nails is that they look pretty fake, even the sticker ones are pretty difficult to get just right, but luckily, I came across STATIC NAILS and I have never been happier, they’re not only gorgeous, they’re reusable!

Parlez-VOUS Français ?

I couldn’t do a proper french manicure to save my life! Luckily, that perfect french tip is no longer en vogue! Today you’ll find colourful tips and they don’t even have to even! They can slant, or go halfway down the nail, there are no rules and lots of colour-play! Beauty School Dropout Bloggers, Emilie and Kristina, do an epic neon french manicure that I’m in love with! Or you can also try a reverse french mani with a glittery polish, it’s near impossible to mess up glitter!

If you’re looking for anymore NAIL-SPIRATION, you can always follow me on Pinterest, I’m always adding new ideas to my nail board 😉

Happy 2018 to ALL!