Keeping Up With Krampus

As promised a review of the film Krampus! I felt it appropriate to post tonight since it’s exactly a week to Christmas day! Wooo! Well there’s lots to cheer about if you’ve been a good little boy or girl…if not, you may get a visit from Krampus. I’m sure you all know the legend about the goat-demon that comes after those on the naughty list, right? 

In this adaptation from 2015, Krampus is creepy, but also a lot of fun to watch. This film brings a lot of silly and even a little bit of mush-factor to warm the heart. I would call this film a mash-up between a good old fashioned Griswold Christmas and the original Purge film. In a way Krampus is purging the world of bah humbugers, and this family really fits the bill with their insult flinging and downright contempt for one another.

The actors in this film are awesome, who doesn’t love Adam Scott and David Koechner! They are so funny, truly capturing the Clark Griswold -Cousin Eddie dynamic and perhaps surpassing it! I couldn’t get enough of their banter. The young boy who plays Max stole my heart, he mistakenly summons Krampus, but in the end really understands that family is everything, making this film an instant classic for me. It’s a little heartwarming, even with all the horror! Bam! New genre! Heartwarming Horror for the Holidays 😉

Although the film is not terrifying, it definitely has the creepy factor. It takes everything cute about Christmas and makes it eerie. For starters the creepy snowmen, yeah they’ll haunt my dreams. I’ll be checking outside my windows regularly now just to be sure my snowmen aren’t slowly inching towards the house! They took elves, dolls, teddy bears, and even a jack in the box and made them super sinister. I nearly threw up when the Jack in the Box injested a PERSON! bleck! *insert gagging sounds* They also take gingerbread men to a whole other level of vicious, which is hilarious, but not so hilarious if they know how to work a nail gun!

A few other highlights from the film are:

-Grandma’s flashback to her Krampus tale (with a very Nightmare Before Christmas cartoony feel)

-The intro to the film with a slow-motion Zombieland feel as last minute shoppers tear eachother apart trying to get their shopping done.

-The amazing costumes for Krampus and his elves.

-Allowing people to see how scary Canadian winter can be (oh it wasn’t filmed here? coulda fooled me!)

As I said before, this film is an instant classic, it’s funny, it’s creepy, it got a great twist to the ending and you know what? It made me feel all warm and fuzzy like Christmas tales should! The film comes with a lot of meaning, or more so a warning…be careful what you wish for…and hold your family close, extremely close, and never stop appreciating them.

This film gets a clear 5 out of 5 Zombies, as if there was ever any doubt?

can I go watch it again now???

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Keep those fireplaces burning bright and stay toasty!