I Can’t Watch Anymore. Let’s Do Something Positive! #TagMyHeart

The news has become quite painful to watch lately, it’s always been brutal, I know, but I think the amount of hate that goes on in the world has finally smacked me in the face one too many times. I feel heartbroken and had to turn the tube off, it was making me physically ill as I’m sure many of you can relate.



I won’t go into detail, you’ve all seen the news, you know what I’m talking about: The Trump, the shootings and bombings of terror, the inequality, the lack of diversity, the fear of diversity, the children lost only to be returned as angels, the ‘twenty minutes of action’ that were horrible enough to merit twenty years or more, the victims of many senseless crimes ignored over the media’s need to cover the mundane battle of the selfies, and who’s with who of Celebrity-land.

I can’t watch anymore! Every image bruises me!

I don’t tend to speak out much on social media, because I like to be the light in the dark! I mean, I write so I can entertain, I help people escape from reality! That’s my job!

I want people to laugh. I want them to remember what’s good about the world! I so desperately want people to smile…but damn it’s been hard lately. I’m trying to spread smiles but it just hasn’t been genuine, it’s been forced and I need to remedy that.

What I would like to do is start a movement, one that brings light and love.

Today and all weekend I plan to play a game of tag on twitter. I call it #TagMyHeart

This will be a way to compliment and brighten someone’s day. If  I tag you, I want you to tag someone else and spread the love. My hope is that this game of tag gets played around the world so that #TagMyHeart becomes a message of love drowning out all of the negativity out there.

I know you know the internet is full of negative comments, let’s change that, let’s do that now! One small change can cause a ripple people! Ripple it up!