#Horror Review

I’ve been really behind in my scary movie watching lately, maybe only squeezed in three, and there are so many interesting ones on Netflix right now. I WANT TO WATCH THEM ALL!

Today’s featured flick is called #Horror, now reading the description it sounded like pure cheese and it didn’t really get a good rating…but since when does anyone give horror films a great rating? Honestly this film has got a lot to offer. It’s extremely artistic and well acted. The story takes us through a tween birthday sleepover, that soon becomes a social media bully fest. The acting by these young ladies is quite impressive.


The film starts with a campy colourful intro, so you knowing it’s going to get artsy and weird real fast. All the birds-eye shots give a feeling of being watched. Seeing the winding road from above sets the tone for a journey into terror. This film is all about contrasting colours, and you’ll understand why by the end of it. I found the focus on falling snow in the film a little unsettling, I’m not sure why, am I the only one freaked out by snow? (Must be a Canadian thing)

Sam is the first tween to enter the house, the camera takes us on a tour of the modern abode complete with strange artwork and creepy masks just waiting to be worn. The big windows of the home once again give us a sense that nothing is private, much like social media. Chloë Sevigny  plays Alex the avant-garde artist and home-owner preparing a birthday party for her daughter, any she’s known for taking on interesting roles, so this suits her just fine.

The Social Media obsessed group of teen girls, take selfies and play dress up while gossiping about the the horrible history of house. Sophia is Alex’s primadonna daughter and Cat is the mean girl posting horrible things on social media and stirring the pot. The intensity between Cat and the other girls increases as the film goes on.

The one thing I really disliked about the film is that it feels like one big fat joke. It breaks my heart, but I suppose that’s the point, you want to dislike these mean girls for the purpose of the film. It is one big lesson against cyber-bulling after all. A very very intense lesson to be precise. After an altercation where Cat takes things too far with her frenemies, she storms out of the house into the woods.

The ladies ditch their phones and continue the party as a strange entity seems to follow them and watch them. A gloved hand holding a phone appears in the distance.

Sam begins to have visions of blood, and they soon take the strange masks for a test run for a creepy dance sequence that is enough to give anyone who hate’s dolls nightmares, aka moi! Luckily the doorbell interrupts and Cat’s father burst’s in looking for her after a frightened phone call he received. Cat’s dad appears to have a nervous breakdown and even threatens the tweens with a knife. Sam goes off in search of Cat, but finds Sophia’s dad’s car all bloody instead. She runs back to tell the other girls, but is soon labelled a liar and crazy, but she’s mostly just intuitive.

Eventually, Sophia decides to check facts, and does find her father’s body in the woods, she takes his gun. As you can guess right now, *MEGA SPOILER ALERT* the only missing kid is the culprit, slaughtering her friends one by one leaving Sophie and Sam standing. The sleepover ends with Cat shooting herself after Sophia wrongfully kills her father. BUT the film doesn’t end there! We are left with the news reporting all of Cat’s horrid posts to the internet, and perhaps the most terrifying image is of a mother handing her young daughter an iPad, a warning to the audience, that we allow this. I told you real life was scarier (hides in a corner).

I think perhaps the more frightening part of the film is what the girls deem acceptable to place on social media. I wouldn’t go as far to say I liked the film, but it definitely had some stunning visuals and interesting characters. My favourite parts of the film were perhaps the Orange is the New Black cameos, you’ll have to watch to see who 😉 Love those ladies!

The message is clear folks, internet responsibly.