Fashion Friday! (Geek-style)

The latest trend in fashion is…drum roll please…Le Geek C’est Chic!

Now for those of us who have been geeks all our lives (raises hand and sings a little woot woot!) it’s our time to shine and really show off what we fangirl about on a daily basis.


Geek driven fashion is all about having conversation pieces, we want to let the world know what we love and hopefully attract fellow fans to become part of your world, ala Little Mermaid style.

So where in the world do get such fantastical conversation pieces you may ask? Well lucky you, I’ve put together my top 4 places to acquire the bee’s knees in geek chic:

1. Her Universe

If you haven’t heard of actress Ashley Eckstein’s brand of all things fangirl-worthy, then it’s about time you checked it out! If you want a cute Star Wars, Marvel, DC or Doctor Who dress to twirl around in, then this is the place for you. In addition to lovely dresses, earlier this year was the debut of the Her Universe fitness fashion line available through Kohl’s. So not only can you feel as powerful as the Hulk working out, but you can also don some powerful looking gear.


2. Geeky Get

Need accessories for your fab new Wonder Woman inspired outfit or décor for your home that screams Batman was here? Then Geek Get has your back! Back to school has also never looked this cool, for all the momma’s out there, your kids will never have boring socks again!


3. The Superhero Stuff

Where else can you find a Deadpool cardigan but here? This site will turn anyone into a geekinista (fashionista with a capital GEEK!)  Speaking of cozy, check out their PJ’S, who said sleep can’t be fashionable? I’m in love with this Wonder Woman robe, so fancy!


4. Blame Betty

Not only are they known for retro and pinup style clothing, but they also have an amazing selection of Star Wars gear, from dresses to purses, to accessories. They also venture into the Disney market; I personally love their Alice in Wonderland purse and wallet! So cute!


You can catch some of my geeky fashion finds on my Instagram account:

Be sure to share some of your geeky finds and where you find them!

I’m always looking for new geek-cessories 😉