Book 3 is still a ways away…but…the cover is here NOW! The book will drop October 16, 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, stay tuned for some teasers from the book as I begin editing this month. I assure you this is the mic drop in the series, you won’t believe what you read and the direction this story has taken. It is an all out battle between the living and the dead, heaven and hell, evil and good. What exactly is Eve’s purpose? This book will disect who and what she is, and it just may surprise you.

Zombie Experiment ebook

Book one was all about Eve and dealing with her initial infection. The first installment begs the question: what’s a zombie girl to do when all she wants is to be normal again?

Book two focused on Eve’s need to find purpose in her life again, she was given a chance to hunt down her own kind in order to save the world, but she trusted the wrong people and guess where she ends up? Slap dab in book 3 as the lab rat of the very people she thought she could trust in book two!



You’ll notice the cover is very different from the first two. Eve’s innocent and fearful face from book one is replaced by a more confident Eve in book two, and replaced once more without seeing her face…


(Game of Thrones fans know what I’m sayin’)


The reason why Eve is hidden away is because she has become lost, lost between worlds, lost within her own mind. She’s unsure of which side to choose from…humans or her fellow monsters? As scientists try to figure out exactly what she is, Eve struggles with who she wants to be…the hero…or the villain…This is the book that will build the ultimate battle between good and evil in book 4.

So I only have one question left…are you ready for The Zombie Girl Saga?

Here is the full book sleeve for BOOK THREE: ZOMBIE EXPERIMENT! Oh yes…it’s creepy, it’s ethereal, it’s going to have you guessing at ever turn!

full book sleeve Zombie Experiment


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