Burying the Ex Review

Hey Zombabes! The first PZ Poll happend this week. A choice between Stake Land, Burying the Ex and Holidays was made. Burying the Ex was the quirky film of choice, so as promised, I shall review it today!


I picked these films according to their quirky premise this week and hadn’t really looked into casting. When this film was selected I was delighted to see names like Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, and Alexandra Daddario. I’m not going to lie, I got a little teary eyed seeing Yelchin on the screen, thinking he’ll never make another movie is absolutely devastating. He’s so fabulous, even in this lesser known film of his, he puts everything into the role, making it believable. It’s hard not to love his character Max, immediately, plus Max is a fan of classic horror, a connoisseur as you will, and so he’s already my favourite person in the flick. I will give honorable mention to my girl crush Daddario, she plays awkward Olivia really well.

Let’s cut to the chase…what’s this film about? Well it’s about a girlfriend back from the grave! Reminds me of Life After Beth and the early 90’s My Boyfriend’s Back, both of which are awesome! The film however is not as funny as Life After Beth, and not as heart-felt as My Boyfriend’s Back, it’s sort of borderline funny, and almost pulls at your heart strings, I think some stronger dialogue would have made it perfection.


His girlfriend Evelyn, played by Ashley Green, is annoying at best, but I’m not sure an outburst over dairy seemed like enough to wish her dead. I think the film needed to make her out to be more awful to give us a good head start to the film. I didn’t hate her, although Olivia (Daddario) is certainly a better, if not perfect match for Max. There aren’t many people in the world that consider cemeteries date territory, but hey, they do, which is why they work. Now the funny thing about the graveyard date is that they race right over Evelyn’s grave. When I was a kid I was told by a random old woman at a cemetery that you don’t EVER walk over a grave, let alone run over one. She told me it could wake the dead. Interesting enough that’s just what Max and Olivia do! Guess it’s common knowledge, I better study up on my cemetery trivia, Sam Winchester would be VERY dissappointed in me *hangs head in shame*

Now Evelyn definitely returns much more awful than she was when she was alive, it’s like all her annoying quirks become amplified.

I think Ashley Greene did a pretty good job playing undead Evelyn, I mean she’s had practice being undead, she’s a pretty vampire as well as a pretty zombie, until that is, the rot starts setting in, making her out to look more and more like a crazed demon from EVIL Dead as the film goes on. There is a moment of Exorcism like puking which is awesomely hilarious, the flies buzzing around her head got some laughs, and the creepy extra flexible yoga, loved it!


Max starts to research ways to rid himself of his clingy undead girlfriend, when everything fails he tries to re-kill her, but his conscience won’t let him, so his brother offers, but all goes awry when she decides that brains sound pretty good, and organic, well then!

Max tries to get help from the police but who would believe his story? Evelyn soon finds out that Max has been seeing Olivia and kidnaps her in a jealous rage, ready to kill them both. I’m sure you can predict the rest, the couple vanquish her, and live happily ever after. Predictable, but hey, it’s a comedy!

All in all this movie was ok, it’s a good date flick, it definitely had moments of humour. I would give it 3 out of 5 zombies. 


Stay tuned for next week’s PZ Poll! I will post on Twitter every Monday. You have until Wednesday to vote and I’ll review your pick by Friday! See you on the interwebz! Happy Weekend Zombabes!