Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski

I sort of knew I would like this book. It has comedy splashed into the darkness and that’s sort of my style. I loved it from start to finish. This book easily transports you into the 1930’s and then turns it into a whole other dark and mysterious world where the dead lurk. It’s a fascinating mystery that keeps you guessing as you ride along with your host Braineater Jones. This character is amongst some of the most intriguing that I’ve ever encountered. You will oddly miss him once you finish this book.

The story never lags, it was a pretty quick read and hard to put down. Our undead hero, Braineater Jones wakes up face down in swimming pool without any memory of who he is, why he’s there, or why he’s dead! You’re instantly sucked into the noir mystery that Kozeniewski weaves.

Escaping the pool and home of some enemies that Jones doesn’t quite understand the connection to yet, he descends into the underworld, not literally, but there’s a pretty fancy sign above the Bar with a Dante reference you may enjoy. The underworld here is a speakeasy where the undead go to enjoy some booze, which seems to be the only way to fight off those flesh cravings. So the booze better keep flowing or there will be an apocalypse to pay!

Without any memories, Jones decides to play the detective for the undead; he hopes to find out more about his own death by helping others piece together their own little mysteries. It may have you taking out your own notepad and jotting down clues, because Jone’s sleuthy vibe is just as contagious as his bite!

A few other fun notes:

  1. Killer Side-Kick! I love that instead of a pet, Jones has a severed head in a birdcage as his confidant. Their dynamic is fun and fresh and ultimately entertaining.
  2. Glossary: I love that the book came with this, as I’m not familiar with all of the 1930’s terminology Jone’s slings around and there’s definitely some new ones in there that Kozeniewski created that I’m sure to be using for a long time!
  3. It doesn’t really end! Yay! I don’t like when books finish in such an absolute way, leaving it a little open ended leaves room for more books, films, a television show? This book definitely has what it takes to become mainstream…just not sure Jonesy would be fond of that as someone who lurks rather than lust for the limelight.

I give this book 5 out of 5 Zombies,

because it’s one of those reads you’ll definitely pick up again!