Book 3 of The Zombie Girl Saga

I have some super amazing fantastic news for you all today! BOOK 3 has a RELEASE DATE and a COVER! I’m so stoked to share this exciting news with you all! In order to celebrate I’ve decided to do a mini cover reveal party, like super mini. It’s going to be very simple, visit my Facebook page, LIKE the page and COMMENT on the pinned post. The night of the cover reveal I will pick a random winner from the pinned post and they will recieve…drum roll please…A $40 AMAZON GIFT CARD. Generous right? Well I’m excited, and when I’m excited I like to do GIVEAWAYS!!! 😀

Here is the link to the pinned post:

In other news, if you’ve read Book 1 (Zombie Girl) and Book 2 (Zombie Agent) then you will see that the story is evolving. Book 3 (Zombie Experiment) is getting much heavier, there’s a lot more at stake for our darling infected Eve. Not even the undead get to rest in the third installment of The Zombie Girl Saga. There are many twists in this book that you will not expect, it’s a darker story than the first two and it will finally reveal what has latched itself to Eve’s DNA. This isn’t your typical zombie virus, it goes much deeper than that, it’s much more sinister. Let’s see if you can guess it’s origin…

azrael virus1