Awesome Gender-Bending Cosplay!

I have said it before and I will say it again, COSPLAY will save the world! Cosplay is for everyone because you can adapt the character any which way you like, it’s all about taking the characters essence and putting your own spin on it! With San Diego Comic Con envy eating away at my soul (I swear one day I shall go and I shall rocketh in some cool cosplay), and trying to prep myself for Fan Expo Canada where I will be an exhibitor (yep, I’m pumped!), I thought it time to explore some absolutely amazing cosplay that bends the rules a little bit in the radest way possible. It’s not just about women dressing up as male characters, it’s about women taking a male character and turning it into something all their own. These costumes make me squee with delight over how creative they are! I’m sure some of these will have you sketching your own ideas shortly! Let me blow your mind with 12 cosplay looks you won’t soon forget!


Horror fans will love this adapted look from the Saw franchise. Who says that Jigsaw has to be a puppet dude anyway? Girl’s can be just as creepy, especially with those contacts! Whoa!

Dr. Who

I guess we now finally have a female Doctor we can cosplay as, and she comes in the form of Jodie Whittaker, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay as your favourite male Doctor too! This particularly adorable cosplay that I would definitely wear any fall day is a representation of the 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker, and he’s actually the first Doctor I ever watched, so excuse me if I have a soft spot for that rainbow scarf.


What Trekkie wouldn’t love to be Data for a day? He was always my fave from the New Generation, he’s esentially a new version of Spock, but an android rather than a Vulcan. They both have trouble with emotions, one feels too much, one feels too little, not to worry feelings are complicated for humans too!


A lady Thor? Why yes, and as the new comic suggests, the girl Thor is really just taking over for the old Thor, if you really want the spoilers you can check it out here, or just go read the comics 🙂 I don’t know who this cosplayer is, but photographer Manny Llanura captured her at SDCC 2014 and I’m so glad he did, because she rocks this!

Lady Loki

Thor may make the cut for awesome lady cosplay, but what about his half brother Loki? I dig this witchy vibe to the Loki look. Playing the villian is always more fun, am I right?

Kyla Ren

As mentioned above, I love cosplaying villians more than heroes, villians have more fun don’t they? One of the newest villians I’m obsessed with is Kylo Ren and I hadn’t even thought about cosplaying him as a female until I saw about a dozen Kyla Ren’s at Toronto Comic Con! I think I’m in love with this look!

Goddess of War

Gamers, I haven’t forgotten about you! This look is inpired by the game God of War, loosely based off of Greek Mythology, in other words you can hit two geek buttons at once with this cosplay. I have actually seen a lot of women cosplay Kratos, but none as epically as Miss Sinister’s Cosplay. She nailed this look! It’s like Mad Max’s Furiosa meets Ripley in Alien 3! So badass!

Look A Link

Firstly if you’re not familiar with Jessica Nigri then you best get on that, over 2 million followers already know that she’s perfectly capable of perfecting all her cosplay looks! This is perhaps one of my faves, since I’m a bit of a Zelda geek I can’t help but love the idea of cosplaying Link, who’s pretty androgenous in the game anyway. Link is a little like Peter Pan that way, girl or guy, you can definitely pull this look off!

Harriet Potter

What if they boy who lived was really the girl who lived, and why not? This a perfectly simple and fun way to show your love for all things Potter! Being a muggle is so basic, this is a look you could rock so often that you may even convince others that you actually attend Hogwarts! Cosplayer Sladkoslava’s many looks can be found up on her DevianArt page. Warning, she epically captures everyone she cosplays! Prepare to be amazed!

Mrs. Joker

I’ve been thinking about cosplaying the Joker for years, but it wasn’t until Suicide Squad came out and I saw Jared Leto’s version of the Joker that I felt there was a Joker that I’d really want to dress up as. All Joker costumres are comical, but if I’m going to cosplay a villian, I want to be the most badass villian you’ve ever seen! This femme fetale version of the Joker is brought to you by Swedish make-up artist Miranda Hedman, and it’s simply boss!


For all the Disney fans that are sick of dressing up and princesses, there has definitely been a shift towards dressing up as Disney villains and even allowing villians to grab some spotlight time with Descendants and its sequel doing so well. So toss the ballgowns to the side and try this look! Crush some beers at the pub with Gaston’s confidence, because this look is certainly one of my faves from Rue the Day Cosplay!

Khaleesi Drogo

The final, and possibly my fave from all of the looks on this list, comes from the one and only Emma Pickles. Her Game of Thrones inspired look is so simple, yet elegant and fierce at the same time. Any Khal or Khaleesi would be proud to wear this look! This might be one cosplay look I try very soon, I haven’t attempted playing the feriocious warrior just yet, and it seems like the time is NOW!