5 Ways To Find Your Muse

Have voices in your head but they’re not talking to you lately? Wondering when they’ll return to give you ideas for that next great story you’re waiting to write? Well then you might find some helpful hints here. There’s nothing more annoying and awful than writer’s block, especially when your story started out strong and then suddenly…it’s like you’re in the woods, it’s dark, and you have no idea how to get back home, there’s no breadcrumbs and not even the dang moon is out!!! HELP! Yes I know those woes, but I do have 5 fun ways to try and get your muse back and prevent her from ever giving you the silent treatment again! Check out how I deal with pesky writers block below…


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Music inspires everything! Had a bad break up turn on some Adele, had a bad day? Daniel Powter has you covered, feeling good, Pharrell will make you Happy! The point is music gives us the feels and writing is all about putting your entire soul into something, in fact I fear with each piece you write, a tiny piece of your soul remains inside (creepy but it rings true to that Hemingway quote “all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”). Writing is all about taking your emotions and applying it to your work. If it’s fictional you purely take your sorrows, hopes and dreams, greatest joys and fears and plug them into your characters, if it’s non-fiction, then you pour your passion of opinion into it and allow it to breathe! Music can remind you of a time or feeling, so go dig up those CDs (and I’m praying you’re not saying…what are those???)


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Nope not saying to give up if the ideas don’t flow, instead, try some fresh air, it’s worked for many creative people and it’s worked for me. There’s just something about changing your surroundings that can bring on some inspiration, sometimes inspiration finds you while you’re out for a walk, it might even be as simple as a branch slapping you in the face on the way by (Might have actually happened to me. Mother Nature can be so violent sometimes!)


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Sometimes you just have to stop writing for a while, and that’s perfectly okay! Just make sure you don’t leave it for months and months, because those become years folks! A great break from writing is reading, seems like an obvious choice, and it’s a great way to remind you that you should be writing (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Books are excellent exercise for your imagination, which can also open up a gateway to ideas that might have been locked away or forgotten. When we explore stories we love, we can’t help but be inspired by them, it could be a chapter, a line or even one word…ALWAYS! (I’m not crying, you are!)


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You can’t pretend something. Your writing is your relationship with your imagination and you can’t fake any relationship and expect it to flourish! If it doesn’t feel natural to you, put it away for another day, start a new project or just simply take the day off. If the writing doesn’t feel right to you, chances are it won’t feel right to your readers. Take the time it needs for you to love what you’ve produced! Your art is your baby and you can’t raise it overnight!


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Even if you’re stuck on one story, I’m sure you can still write! Writers block doesn’t cripple you, it just delays you. Don’t waste time dwelling on what you can’t figure out and just continue to be creative every day. My personal favourite thing to do is go out, buy a crazy awesome journal and write something each day, for me it’s usually poetry or sketching, but it’s a bit of a brain break and your mind needs that sometimes.

Here is ¬†one of my fave writing prompts…

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Here is one of my fave sketching prompts…

Free printable monster drawing prompts!

As you can already tell, I like creating creatures! Who doesn’t, reality is boring lol


Thanks for reading! Happy Writing & Arting Zombabes!