5 Things I loved about Stranger Things

I figure enough time has gone by that everyone SHOULD have binge watched Stranger Things by now. If you haven’t…what in god’s name are you waiting for? Sure I was a little skeptical, most shows or films that get a lot of praise right off the bat has me wondering…alright alright who paid who, it isn’t as fab as the reviews…but this really and truly IS a phenomenal series. The actors knocked it out of the park, the retro vibe had me in my jammy jams hiding under my blankie with a big bowl of popcorn feeling about ten again as I tried to figure out a Goonies meets ET meets Fringe sort of mystery. Below I’ve put together a few of my favourite things about the show to get you going (ps. if you sang that last line to The Sound of Music, you are my kind of peoples!)



This was everything! If you’re a fan of films from the 70-80’s this was enough of a throwback to make you want to time travel! Being a fan of 80’s horror and sci-fi, I was so giddy to see kids on bikes ET style, the scary monsters coming out of the wall Nightmare on Elm Street style and The Goonies style mystery hunt.



Yup the nerdy kids playing geeky games in the basement stole my heart and stole the show. I really loved how it took their curiosity and knowledge of monsters to save the day. It’s never the adults, they can’t see possibilities beyond their current reality. It’s hard to believe when you have to adult, I guess…



I love Winona Ryder with all my heart, to me she will always be Lydia Deetz…and let me tell you how cool it was to see Lydia step it up a notch and pull her son from another realm 😉 She refused to believe he was gone, she knew she was onto something. Even when no one believed her, it was so heart warming to see her persistance, I actually had a full Daniel Bryan moment “YES YES YES!” Good Ol’ Joyce even turned her wall into a friggin’ Ouija Board for godsakes! Special credit on that creepy shiz! She must have secretly said “I told you so” under her breath after her son and Hopper (rhymes with Copper he he he appropriate) finally understood the insanity going on around them. Ps. The axe to the wall? Very The Shinning…but the opposite of house/hotel makin’ her crazy enough to kill…instead it made her braver still…more like a furious momma monster ready to take on anything! Say it with me now, baddass mom!

badass mom


That opening title track? NUTS! Right? It’s perfectly Twilight Zone-ish with the right amount of creepy. If the tune dosen’t make the hairs on your arm stand up, then you clearly have no pulse. The music even imitates a heartbeat alongside a synthesizer. Synthesizer = creepy things will happen…for anyone who needed an equation to figure that out 😉 Listen below:


If a number could strike fear into any living being, let it be eleven. The most spiritual number, and a perfect choice for a telepathic super-human. Last but certainly not least, let’s give it up for Millie Brown. Her performance as Eleven/Elle was awe inspiring and perfect. Is she not the most badass child actress ever? She topped Drew Barrymore’s Firestarter power in her first few scenes and she’s more terrifying than Carrie. In one word, Elle is powerful. The only other child actress on par with this performance is perhaps Linda Blair in The Exorcist, and she won an Academy Award for it! Just saying! Go Eleven!

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

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