5 Reasons to Write


The world of writing can be far from wonderful at times, sure you have to painstakingly create something and then offer it up to publishers, agents and critics to dissect. It’s like birthing a baby and then no one allowing you to hold it, not cool, not cool dudes! But I will tell you what IS cool about writing, because there are definitely great perks to writing, and, for me at least, it outweighs the negative.


Here are my top five reasons to write:
No this is certainly not a joke! Some of you go to the gym to relieve stress, you know who you are, you MMA, Yoga-goer, weightlifters…and that works for you! You can also relieve stress by listening to music, going on vacation, reading, sleeping, whatever floats your boat…but for some of us…Writing is what cures all! Some of us kept journals as kids, and guess what! We still have them today. Sometimes we’ll write our experiences down or what we took away from them, or perhaps we’ll create a poem or another world entirely inspired by something mundane like a flower. Some people NEED writing to feel sane, because let’s face it, some of us get things out better in text than in actual interactions…like the vast majority these days…Textaholics…yeah I’m looking at you! (Not judging! Not at all! I get it!)
Art in general is a shared experience. We create things because we want to share them with the world, and it’s a beautiful thing when someone spots your work and sees something familiar in themselves. Art unifies people. When we share our writing it breeds more writing, because guess what…writers inspire other writers, just as artists inspire other artists. Without sharing creativity ceases to exist…so I think it’s cool to share. Share the heck out of it all over social media! PLEASE! For heaven’s sake PLEASE! Because we definitely need more of that sort of positivity online rather than all the negative uses for Social Media these days…One less selfie out there won’t hurt anyone.
Writing and reading is my way of seeing the world. I don’t have the time or the cash flow to drop everything and see the world, but I DO have time to pick up a book or write about exploring a place I’ve never been before. Writing is my favourite escape from the real world as well. Life is a tough gig sometimes, so why not create a place where only you can retreat to? Create it for others who might wish they could retreat there too! We also can’t do everything in one lifetime, this is where that “life is short” quote comes into play…well it is! It’s terribly short, but writing can give you a whole slew of different experiences you might never have known otherwise. For example I’ve read many sad tales, even as a kid, and it only makes me more grateful that those weren’t my experiences. I’ve become more grateful for my own experiences through writing, it’s opened my eyes to things I want in my future and what I don’t. Reading and writing helps us grow as people…I truly believe that.
When you create something and name it, it can only be compared to your baby. A piece of writing you create might feel very dear to your heart, because somewhere in there is a piece of you. It’s not something that can be helped, everything you create bares a little bit of your soul. That is perhaps the single most frightening thing about writing; people get to REALLY know you. In this world where people hide behind computer screens, you can see how this could be a source of anxiety, especially when people have the ability to say they love or hate it. Bottom line is, it’s like they’re saying they love or hate you in a way. Pretty harsh, but I still think it’s worth it. Would you not stand up for your child and love them all the same no matter what people thought of them? Well of course! Remember you don’t write for others, you write for you, and if others like it, BONUS! HUGE BONUS! Write something you’re proud of, it will make you feel good, there’s a sense of accomplishment there that no critic can take away!
Not at all in reference to GAGA, but instead a very important thing that I adore about writing. Writers are rarely famous and even if they are, people don’t pay them the same attention as film and pop stars. That is a very VERY good thing. Most writers are introverts, they like their own little worlds and being watched by paparazzi or slapped on the cover of tabloids is really not conducive to creative flow. Fame is a very scary monster, nice to know it’s not a threat to writers…unless you were hoping for that of course 😉
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