13 Feel-Good Halloween Films

It’s nearly that time again, and yes, Halloween and scary movies go hand and hand. There’s creepy, there’s gory, there’s mess with your mind thrillers, formulaic teen slasher films, classic monsters, and the horror comedy, which I will be focusing on today!

This list is for those looking for something lighter on the nightmares, and a little heavier on what I call the “treat factor” in Halloween films. If you’re looking to reminisce about the magic of Halloween from your youth, then this is your list! It’s got just enough creepy to keep with the Halloween spirit, but more laughter than lunacy.


The following films are in no particular order. I’ve watched them all numerous times, especially around Halloween, and love them all dearly. They’re sure to get you dancing, or snapping your fingers, planning for the apocalypse, wishing you owned a Mogwai, or conjuring some midnight snacks, just so you can keep watching.

  1. Hocus Pocus –Three executed witches return from the dead and attempt to continue eating children to maintain their youth. It’s hard not to love these quirky witches, especially when they break out into song.

  2. Death Becomes Her -Two women who love to hate each other, fight over the same man and get a taste of immortality, but boy does it end up tasting pretty bad when they forget that permanent doesn’t mean perfect.

  3. The Craft –The film starts off pretty innocent. The bullied wanting to punish the bullies, but dark magic has a price when mixed with ego and the witchy group soon finds themselves at war with one another. This is essentially Goth Mean Girls and I love how over the top it is.

  4. Practical Magic -Adorable sisters with cursed love lives, a sinister ex, a touch of destiny. This is the chick flick of Halloween films. It’s amazing how love and horror can coexist so magically in this witchy film.

  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas –Ah the age old question, do I watch this one at Christmas or Halloween? The answer is both! And every day in-between! The music is delightful and the imagery frightful…okay I’ll stop with the rhymes now.

  6. Corpse Bride –Another delightful Tim Burton film, I’m a huge fan and I’d put every single one of his films on this list, but I’m trying not to be biased. If you loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, chances are you’ll love this spooky Victorian tale of love and loss.

  7. Rocky Horror Picture Show –I only need mention THE TIME WARP! This is a Halloween tradition for many, be it film or live, this is one musical that was made for Halloween fans anywhere!

  8. Beetlejuice –Don’t say his name thrice unless you really want to come face to face with The Ghost with the Most. This is one hilarious tale about a dead couple that’s having trouble being dead and call upon Beetlejuice for help, wrong call, as they soon find out that he’s quite difficult to exterminate!

  9. Zombieland –My love for zombies runs deep, it’s hard to pick just one to put on my list, so I picked two! Haha. Zombieland will teach you the rules to survival in the most hilarious way, and you’ll also end up with a massive craving for Twinkies.

  10. The Adam’s Family –Oh snap! The creepy family everyone can’t help but love. Sure they’re strange, and they love their furnishings dreary, but they’re not a bunch of jerks like some of the normals out there.

  11. Shaun of the Dead –British zombies all end up at a pub, sounds about right! Unfortunately they’re not after beer, do brains come on tap?

  12. Gremlins –Bring on the squeeeeees of delight, who doesn’t want a Gizmo? He’s just so adorable! Just be sure to follow the care instructions that come with this unique pet, if not, your funeral!

  13. Ghostbusters –All the Ghostbuster films including the new one should be on your feel good watch list. They sure make ridding the world of ghosts with your buddies seem like an optimal career. I better call them up and see if there are any current openings.


Enjoy the list? How many have you watched? Did I miss any favourites? Let me know your favourite Halloween MUST WATCH! And let the Countdown begin! Only 10 more days until HALLOWEEN!