Ava’s Possession’s Review

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I will start by saying I really really loved this film! From the noir references, to the unsettling score, the hilarious demon make-up and the phenomenal acting, this was a definite win! When I first stumbled upon this film on Netflix I thought it would be extremely cheesy, and I was okay with that, I […]

#Horror Review


I’ve been really behind in my scary movie watching lately, maybe only squeezed in three, and there are so many interesting ones on Netflix right now. I WANT TO WATCH THEM ALL! Today’s featured flick is called #Horror, now reading the description it sounded like pure cheese and it didn’t really get a good rating…but […]

Everyday Heroes


Another poem this week! Two in a row! How lucky are you? 😉 This week I decided to share a poem about a hero, I’m not talking about Superman, Spider-Man, or Batman…I’m talking about an ordinary man. We can all be heroes in our own way. I believe it’s our decisions that make us admirable, […]



So I’ve been very lucky to have so many supporters, a new author has no name (Arya Stark refrence, you get it *wink*) But in all seriousness, an author doesn’t get very far with out support from peers, fans, and other bloggers who freak out just as much as I do when they find a […]

Poem Time! The Red Witch


If you know me, and if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, then you’ll most likely know that I love Game of Thrones, well who doesn’t right? Even if you don’t read the books, all can agree it’s pretty addictive. Was there anyone NOT talking about what the heck happened with Jon […]

Zombie Awareness Month


It’s no secret that I’m a zombie enthusiast. I’ve been watching zombie movies ever since I stumbled upon the horror section at Blockbuster Video as a kid (okay now I’ve dated myself with that reference). It is the dawn of Netflix now and Blockbuster is long gone, but my love for zombies remains. Why do […]

Tales of a Mombie Writer


From time to time writers write about what is real. Today is one of those days, as sleep deprived as I am, the creative bug never dies. I still need to write, its part of my “me” time, a term all mothers know too well. This article is for all the creative momma’s out there […]

Why Celebrity Deaths Bother Us


  Sure, it’s easy to pretend that so and so’s death doesn’t bother us… “who cares” we may say with a shrug…”I didn’t know them personally, they’re just celebrities.” Then there are those who just don’t understand the obsession with celebrity to begin with, let alone the outpouring of sympathy when they pass on. Why […]