5 Magical Canadian Libraries

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“Books are uniquely portable magic” so sayeth Stephen King and I tend to agree! I can’t quite explain what a library does to me, I feel as though I’m walking into a world of endless possibilities. I can be anyone, I can be anywhere, I can time travel, I can learn something new, or I […]

Review of Under The Skin

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I will start off by saying that I really REALLY wanted to love this film, but it lost me about thirty minutes into it and I struggled to get through it! I love Miz Scarlett Johansson, but this was not her finest film, and as for the accent? Was that an attempt at a brit […]

This week I review…YoU’rE nExT

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This week Twitter selected the film You’re Next, winning against The Messengers with a pre-Twilight Kristen Stewart, and beating out Netflix’s new creepy feature I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. Netflix did have me intrigued, so I watched that one too! It was delightfully creepy, but definitely slow compared to the […]

A Reluctant Review of Annabelle

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Okay, the internetz must truly hate me or love to torture those with pediophobia (a fear of dolls). This week’s PZ Poll winner is Annabelle. I’ll admit I was curious to watch this film since hearing about it at FanExpo 3 years ago. They did an incredible job marketing the film, even touring the actual […]

The VVitch ReView

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Thanks to those who voted on Twitter this week for #PZPoll! The VVitch won with a supreme lead! To be completely honest, I’m glad! I’ve been dying to watch this film since its release in February 2015. A historic witch piece? Definitely a Halloween must and it didn’t disappoint! The story is set in the […]

13 Feel-Good Halloween Films

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It’s nearly that time again, and yes, Halloween and scary movies go hand and hand. There’s creepy, there’s gory, there’s mess with your mind thrillers, formulaic teen slasher films, classic monsters, and the horror comedy, which I will be focusing on today! This list is for those looking for something lighter on the nightmares, and […]

Burying the Ex Review

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Hey Zombabes! The first PZ Poll happend this week. A choice between Stake Land, Burying the Ex and Holidays was made. Burying the Ex was the quirky film of choice, so as promised, I shall review it today! I picked these films according to their quirky premise this week and hadn’t really looked into casting. […]


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No, nope…not talking Hilary or Trump…I’m sure you’re all sick to death of that circus. Just vote PZ for President instead ahahaha…anyways enough joshing around…What I AM talking about is something new I’ll be doing with my blog and how YOU can help 😉 Being super busy with books being released, books in the pipeline, […]