Midweek Meditation

Evil-Dead-2Horror + Comedy = Movie Magic?

This question has been brought up time and time again as I discuss the horror genre with other horror enthusiasts. People often ask what my favourite horror films are, and they generally fall under horror-comedy. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love more realistic horror stories, but that also doesn’t mean that I find them terribly unfunny. I’m not sure horror can exist without a little humour, after all, horror is a source of escape, you don’t want to live the stories, but you do want the thrill ride. Most thrill rides go through a wide range of emotions. It’s not enough to be scared through the entire film because humans experience a wider range of emotions.

My favourite is the false sense of security that happens in most horror films, and I’m sorry but it makes me giggle, most films have this one scene or perhaps multiple where one character or a group believes themselves to be safe, however, we the audience know better! It’s this amazing moment in horror films where the audience knows more than the characters, yes it’s humourous, yes it makes you want to yell at the screen and save their ass, and what horror film would ever be the same without it?

So I ask you…are horror and comedy all that separate? What do you think and add an example from your favourite horror film

In addition to today’s meditation, check out a great list of the 10 Best Horror Comedies…I think you’ll agree they’re all pretty epic! Check it out:



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