Santa Clarita Diet Serves Up Delicious Comedy

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Wow! I just finished this incredible Netflix original and of course I loved it! I’m totally biased in every way, I love zombies, horror and comedy and since this show finds a brilliant way to blend those three things I’m already a huge fan! I hope there is a season 2, Netflix gods do you […]


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ZOMBIE HUNTER ARRIVES THIS SUNDAY! Can you feel my excitement??? I cant wait for you all to read the final book in the series, it’s been a long journey and I think it has the perfect ending, but you’ll have to check it out to see exactly how it ends! Do I George R.R. Martin […]

Keeping Up With Krampus

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As promised a review of the film Krampus! I felt it appropriate to post tonight since it’s exactly a week to Christmas day! Wooo! Well there’s lots to cheer about if you’ve been a good little boy or girl…if not, you may get a visit from Krampus. I’m sure you all know the legend about […]


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Hey Zombabes! As promised the mega contest is here and entering to win is easy! FIRST, make sure you’re ATTENDING my event (you must attend to be eligible for any prizes)  Join Now: This contest will run from today until January 12th, so you’ll have plenty of time to gain entries.   What you can […]

Zombie Hunter is Coming! Let’s Party!

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I’m this big jumble of emotions both sad and excited about the release of Zombie Hunter on January 8th! Sad because it’s the final book in The Zombie Girl Saga and I have to say goodbye to some amazing characters! But ecstatic because I get to bring the story full circle and thrill you some […]

5 Magical Canadian Libraries

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“Books are uniquely portable magic” so sayeth Stephen King and I tend to agree! I can’t quite explain what a library does to me, I feel as though I’m walking into a world of endless possibilities. I can be anyone, I can be anywhere, I can time travel, I can learn something new, or I […]

Review of Under The Skin

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I will start off by saying that I really REALLY wanted to love this film, but it lost me about thirty minutes into it and I struggled to get through it! I love Miz Scarlett Johansson, but this was not her finest film, and as for the accent? Was that an attempt at a brit […]