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Thanks to all who popped by my online party last night. It was so much fun! Always love meeing fellow book/horror/comic book fans. We had good laughs and I’m not sure who was more entertained the guests or myself lol…Anywho, on to some very exciting news I just recieved! My Thunderclap campaign has been approved! […]

Mark Your Calendars for September 13th!

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For those that don’t know…The Zombie Girl Saga returns September 13th in ebook and PRINT! YAY! DOUBLE YAY! And for this very reason I’m having a party with lots of great swag! There are plenty of chances to win, check out the event page for the FULL details: Today is your lucky day because […]

River, More Than Meets The Eye

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Finally! I get to do a post about River! I’ve been so busy with book stuff lately that I haven’t had the chance to tell you about this amazing show on Netflix. I thought I would squeeze it in today since I have book 1 & 2 of my Zombie Girl Saga re-releasing September 13!! […]

Fashion Friday! (Geek-style)

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The latest trend in fashion is…drum roll please…Le Geek C’est Chic! Now for those of us who have been geeks all our lives (raises hand and sings a little woot woot!) it’s our time to shine and really show off what we fangirl about on a daily basis. Geek driven fashion is all about having […]

The Zombie Girl Saga Update

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Hey Zombabes! I have some fantastic news about the future of The Zombie Girl Saga. If you click on any of my links you will notice…hey…where did the books go? Nope it’s not magic, nope it’s not playing hide and seek, and nope, it’s not gone forever into the abyss. Instead the books will be […]

Suicide Squad Review

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I know Suicide Squad got a lot of flak and negative feedback straight from the get-go, but now having seen it myself, I’m not sure it deserved the kind of hate it got. Right of the bat (Harley Quinn reference intended) the film does what it intended to do, establish characters that are lovable, funny, […]

5 Things I loved about Stranger Things

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I figure enough time has gone by that everyone SHOULD have binge watched Stranger Things by now. If you haven’t…what in god’s name are you waiting for? Sure I was a little skeptical, most shows or films that get a lot of praise right off the bat has me wondering…alright alright who paid who, it […]


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Book 3 is still a ways away…but…the cover is here NOW! The book will drop October 16, 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, stay tuned for some teasers from the book as I begin editing this month. I assure you this is the mic drop in the series, you won’t believe what […]

Book 3 of The Zombie Girl Saga

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I have some super amazing fantastic news for you all today! BOOK 3 has a RELEASE DATE and a COVER! I’m so stoked to share this exciting news with you all! In order to celebrate I’ve decided to do a mini cover reveal party, like super mini. It’s going to be very simple, visit my […]